Thursday, June 18, 2009


I missed it. I missed Top Chef. OK, so I missed both of my shows this week. Sunday I missed Next Food Network Star, and now this. Ah well. I must make it a point to hunt them down on the Web later.

I can't believe how tired I was yesterday. I was going to just lie down for a bit and then get up to watch my show, but my son Aaron came in my room to help me get into bed. I was that zonked. I woke up once this morning around 5:00 to use the bathroom, grab a drink of water, and then passed out again.

Zachary was just as tired. He slept the entire time. He played hard yesterday though.

Yay! Have a nice day!


  1. I HATE it when I miss my shows. The best thing ever was when they started putting shows online.

  2. The show was good. I think even better than last week. It will be on re-run several times so just look on your directory. I still haven't mailed your shirt but haven't forgotten.

  3. you've got to get a dvr box. i don't know how i survived without it. OR you can just catch it on at least that's what i do at work when i need background noise and want to catch up on a show hahaha

  4. Hi guys. I haven't been on much. I will catch up later today I hope.