Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Times!

I love when my day starts off on a high note. This morning I got to work and the first song I hear is one that makes me act a bit silly.

My Boy Lolipop - Millie Small

It's a guaranteed smile from me, and sometimes an impromtu performance. I love being silly. It's fun.

Music has always been a big part of summertime for me. Certain songs bring up smells, or feelings from my childhood. I wrote about Drive-ins earlier this year. Some of the best times I had during the summer were spent at the drive-in with family and friends. Mom would pack us into the station wagon, pajama clad, and over-excited. We didn't care what movie was playing. We were going to the Drive-in.

Mom always made sure we ate before going, but there was the occasional splurge on some soggy fries and popcorn. We shared and rarely complained. Most of the time we brought in our snacks. That's when my brothers and I hardly noticed that we didn't get the concession food. She would make popcorn in advance, allow us to spend "so" much on penny candy at the store, and bring kool-aid in a container. Life was good!

You know what's funny? We never made it through the second movie. Oh I am sure Mom did, but us kids crashed and burned shortly after the Main feature started. I think that's why she brought us there. The only time we ever stayed fully awake was during ET.

I loved the smell of the drive-in. Food scents wafting in from all directions. Trees surrounding the perimeter sending us earthy kisses from their leaves. And when the sun went down and the air cooled you could smell sun-lotions, and mysterious scents that you knew nothing of when you were young.

And my personal favorite was when the intermission shorts came on. This silly little girl would look forward to dancing Hot dogs and Popsicles. I know I'm not the only one out there that did. So I hold my head up high and say "Yes. I was a intermission junkie." I needed to see the conga line of snacks perform for me before I could allow myself to brave the line at the restrooms.

I really miss being able to pack up and go like Mom did. We had several when I was younger, but now we have, I believe, two left in my State. Neither are close enough to make it an enjoyable trip. Part of the magic was to go to the double feature and then be home about 20 minutes later.

If I ever come into a huge amount of money I am opening a Classic Drive-in. I think I would also start a foundation to save the ones that are still surviving under tremendous financial burden.

The family that plays together stays together!

Sweet dreams to all.


  1. What a fun and memorable post! I really only going to a drive-in once...I think.

    I agree with you that a family that plays together stays together.

  2. I used to LOVE the drive-in. We'd do the same thing: pack up our snacks and bring them with us. My mom would have me and my brother wear our pajamas so that she wouldn't have to worry about getting us changed at home after we had passed out during the second movie.

    The movies I most distinctly remember seeing in at the drive-in were Raiders of the Lost Arc, Superman 2, and Empire Strikes Back. I know there were others, but it's pretty cool to remember seeing those.