Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm awake.

My Sis-in-law and I were outside all day with the kids. We had lunch and dinner. Lunch was a no brainer...Hot dogs, Burgers, and PB&J's. I marinated chicken for dinner and made two pasta sides and a quicky pilaf for dinner. My friend Colleen came over to spend some QT with us, and after work her fiance joined us. FYI: Ms. Lyn is standing up for her gf in a years time. Woo hoo. I am so honored.

The party pooper clouds and thunder rolled in and we headed for cover. Boo to fake storms. We have had so many actual SEVERE storms that now everyone freaks(including me) when the sky turns dark and rumbling can be heard. I live in CT. BY now my biggest complaint should be that it is too hot & humid.

I can say humidity is high...I have had to empty the dehumidifier daily. Normally twice a week. Can you imagine what icky things would grow down here if I didn't stay on top of the dumping?

Onto a Z file ... My littleman and his cousins found some beetles to put in the cool bug collecting kits that Aunty Molls had given them on Saturday at the Grad party. I think I might have mentioned that I believe Z is an entomologist in the making.

Anyhoo...They put two beetles into the container(bug friendly of course) and I get to bugasit. At this point I am sitting with Colls and we are being silly with the Zobmondo(I've posted Zob in the past) stuff. So I see that the container is wet and decide to dry it out by putting it in the sun. Oops. Bugaside. I actually killed the one beetle that was actually alive at one point.

Ahh well.

Sweet dreams to all.

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  1. you had a busy day! congrats on the bridesmaid roll, that is so sweet :)