Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A penny for your thoughts.

Mrs.C over at Next to Heaven put this up for all to share on what they would store for their future selves and family. Not just ramblings like I tend to do, but think about ten things that you would want to see and share 50 years from now. I love this. I want my sons, and eventually my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to see what my life and the world was like in 2009.

If you could put 10 things in a box to be opened 50 years from now what would you put in it?

I would put:

1. A photo album with pictures of everyone in the family, friends included.

2. My poetry.

3. My Indian dolls, pouches, and stones.

4. A video of the annual 4th of July Birthday BBQ.

5. My self-repaired Cheerio Cereal Box covered Dictionary.

6. All my culinary secrets.

7. A hand written letter from me now to the future me and mine.

8. Clippings from all of todays headline news Local, US, and World.

9. Seeds from Grandpa and Grandma's gardens.

10. Some dirt from the garden in a tube to remind where we rooted ourselves long ago.


  1. Yay!! Thanks for playing along! I love the letter to yourself and the soil. What a cool idea! This is a really great, heart-felt list. I like the video from the BBQ too.

  2. Here's my 10 things:

    1. A picture of what I look like now.

    2. A picture of myself and my two sisters from when we were little

    3. A bumper sticker from Louisville

    4. My Ball State University Flag

    5. My first employer ID from my first "career"

    6. A picture of my cat, Sassy

    7. A picture from my high school graduation of myself and my late best friend

    8. My short story portfolio from college

    9. A Pinwheel...as in the fun summer ones that are mindless but still fun

    10. The firs advertisement I designed and had printed in a greater kentuckiana publication

  3. Mrs.C...Thank you. It was fun and I want to do it again. I hope it becomes a regular addition to your blog.

    RCG....Love the list. #9 especially. It reminds me of when I was well 9...lol.

    LivingDeadNurse...Thank you.