Tuesday, June 2, 2009

WWQ: Wild Weird & Quacky

I love all things silly. I had a rough day yesterday and as I read my posts today I cringed. I had a very obnoxious defensive tone. I apologize for poor form.

Um. Wait! I take it back. I don't feel sorry one bit. I am tired of using that stupid word. Why should I say I am sorry if I didn't do anything wrong. Either you will continue to read or you'll click to your next blog. I am not offended. Go if you must.

If you are still reading my blog I warn you that I am about to get my silly on.

Mind you my version of silly, and the actual definition of silly differ. I don't care really.

Would you rather...

Have Parmesan Cheese dandruff Or Bubble wrap acne?

I'll go with the Cheese dandruff. If my friends need me on Prince Spaghetti day I am there. Yo Anthony!!!!!

Would you rather...

Appear as Wolf Blitzer in the mirror Or have the voice in your head sound like Tommy Chong?

Oh so that's who has been writing these weird a$$ posts. Thanks Tommy. "Dave? Dave's not here."

Would you rather...

Have Slinkys for arms Or Silly Putty for skin?

Either way I am Screwed. Uh...Slinky. Go Slinky Dog from Toy Story!

~~~And now for the Twisted folks...~~~

Would ya rather...

Have a butt full of worms Or a mouthful of ticks?

The choices amuse me...lol..hmmm I'll go with a mouthful of ticks in the hope that I can chew the crap out of them before they can latch on to me. Ha. Meet my stomach Acid bloodsucker!

Chew a piece of toenail off a dirty man's foot Or thoroughly lick his unshowered armpit?

I am chewing a piece of nail(key word piece not whole). Gross. No way I am licking an armpit.

Always pick your nose immediately before shaking hands Or constantly have one hand, including your wrist, down your pants?

Oh how disgustingly sick I went. Hmmm. I'd pick my nose. Hopefully it would be someone who I really like to dislike. Go ahead. Say it. Ewwww. Sicko!

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