Sunday, June 7, 2009


I made it through today. Actually, I don't feel that bad at all. I'm a bit sore, but I usually am on weekends. I am losing my voice. That should be interesting for tomorrow. Maybe it will restore while I sleep. Or maybe not. I kinda like the way it sounds right now. I should do my VM on my cell for fun.

Why signs? I went to look something up that caught my eye at work, and of course I didn't narrow the search down. Up pops all this fun stuff that did not require any use of my depleting brain cells. The song, however, was going through my head while I was browsing.

Sweet dreams all!


  1. warm tea with honey helps me when i lose my voice when i'm sick...

    feel better soon!!

  2. i have the gas on as a bumper sticker on facebook--i remember cracking UP when i first saw it ahahah

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  4. Blaez: Remind me to share with you my Dad's version of a hot toddy...Its the let's say "Jose can not see" cure.

    RCG: I knew I saw it somewhere. Of course not your FB but someone's.

    Valley Girl: Hi there. Yup. The Sign Jumped out at me. Had to post it at the Top.

    Karen I hope you are safe & well.
    Akilah travel safe my friend.
    LDN heal fast

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  6. My apologies to Valley Girl for jumping to conclusions. I can be such a dumbass.