Friday, June 5, 2009

Shame on you.

I have to get this off my chest before I start spewing my germs to all corners of my room because of one whiny twit. (No it's not me, although I should get a ta-da upside my head for posting this.)

I love coming home to relax. You blogs, update, laugh my bum off at some of my silly blogger friends/peeps. (I actually do get some work done in between. Eek!)

I have a problem with and of course I am not stating whom, bashing the lowly likes of my minimum wage brethren.

Stop and think you silly person. The one you just dissed is probably wondering whether or not the house that they live in is going to be taken from them. Do they have children? What circumstance's put them in the situation they are in right now?

If you are having a bad day that's fine and dandy. Blame what's not right on poor choices. I know I have made many. I am the only one to blame. Do not, however, pawn off your misgivings on the unknowing hardworking folks that serve the public.

There! I am done ranting. My apologies are only to those of you who are also hard working individuals that deserve respect. This also includes my hard studying buddies that are going to make great things happen soon! I have not tried that Garlic Hot Toddy thing. I am quite sure my fever has something to do with my temper though.

Shame on me for posting this, and Kudos for having the balls to do so.

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