Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This and That.

Just when I thought that Noah's Ark was going to dock over here in CT the sun sort of made an appearance. I am a huge fan of rain and dreary days, but that's me. I was becoming concerned for those that are sun bugs. It was weird to see people who were always out, happy, and doing things, become sulky, bored, and well, miserable. I am certainly glad that this weekend our forecast is nothing but sun. I wonder if that means I will become morose..NOT!~

Morose-- gloomy: having a withdrawn gloomy personality: Hmmm...More Rose...Oh sorry it's that I am going to resurrect the Princess stuff. The roses don't always smell pretty sweetheart!

Oh. Look it goes with the Rose Madder as well. Silly me.

Enough of that. Out with the sun comes the fun. I was sitting pool side while my son, niece, and nephews decided they were going to brave the frigid waters in the sake of starting summer. My brave little ones. Four adults and four children, and not one of us adults even considered going in. Oh believe me, had it been an emergency we would have jumped in the polar water in a flash. Mom first, she is the best swimmer & instructor out there. Closely followed by me & Molls. G.J. standing by to administer CPR and/or comfort anyone. She is an awesome person. Very level headed and calm.

While the penguins went for a dip I was amusing myself. Feel free to answer these yourselves. Let me know if you do, so I can see your responses. Be fair and share! :)

If you had to rearrange the letters of your first name to give yourself a new name, what would it be?

Let's see. My name is Lyn so my options are limited. "Nyl"...Oh gee...That's a good one. "Hi there. My name is Nyl. Glad to meet ya. Don't worry about me. I'm not really here." Hee hee.

When you look back on the life you have lived to this point, what amazes you most?

That I am not the person that I intended to be. I said no children...I have two beautiful boys. I said that I would marry once and stay married...Oops...I am divorced, but I did marry just once(so far)...I said that one day I would be famous...well, OK, almost, but not quite.

The show must go on...

The Show Must Go On - Queen

If, with your safety guaranteed, you could experience something considered very dangerous, what would it be?

Hang gliding. I want to fly. Not inside a plane, but out in the wide open. I want to taste, feel, and smell the air. Hopefully I don't pee myself out of fear. Aside: afraid of heights.

Suppose that instead of having a name, you had a number, and people would always refer to you as that number. What number would you be?

314...yeah I know too simple but not really.

If you had to describe your personality in terms of a farm animal, which animal would you choose?

Oh right...Hmmm...Duck. As if I would say anything else and piss off my other persona.

I had a final question but I can't seem to answer it right now.

What is the one trip that you have never taken but would really like to take someday?

I started drooling. Oh the possibilities. I can't choose.

Sweet dreams to all!

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  1. Fun post! I guess I could be leia haha. I want to go to Italy - one day I will get there!