Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Blob.

I love Monday's. I scored a bonus today with the rain as well. For normal folks this is not a combination worthy of anything, but just managing to get out of bed. For me it's a big hooorahhh!

Monday is my day to catch up with all of the things I ignored over the weekend. If you read the last post you know that my list grows fast. I try so hard to get the list down to a manageable 5-6 things to accomplish, but of course this is never the case. (Note to self: check off blog update.)

The laundry mutated into "The Blob" circa 1958, and was threatening to overthrow me as Queen of Procrastination. I of course would not take this lying down (yawn...stretch.) So I got up. Shoved the pile back toward the laundry room "Matrix" style. And prepared myself for an arse whooping.

Results: 1 pink sock MIA, 1 dark green sock MIA, 1 Spiderman slipper DOA

I'll take my laundry turning into "The Blob" any day. I fear it may become "The Body Snatchers" if I don't keep up!


  1. Ugh, embarrassing confession time: I don't actually remember the last time I cleaned my bathroom. So I know exactly what you mean about having so much to do and procrastinating and all that stuff.

    At least I'm pretty certain there is nothing growing in there yet...

  2. You mean we're supposed to clean bathrooms too? Where's my list? :)