Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Z-files: It's music.

For my own sanity I am labeling any posts regarding "Z" as the Z-files. It fits him. And why shouldn't I? My clever, and always silly son deserves his own title. (If you are wondering why I don't write about "A" it's because he wants his privacy.) I can, however, brag that he is creating his own Website. Momma is proud!

Back to Z. Someone figured out that music can come from various sources. He doesn't have to play on the electric drum set, or piano, both belonging to his older brother. He found his own symphony out of the cabinets.

Z was marching back and forth with different canned food items. I was going to stop him, but my curiosity held me back. Beans, spinach, fruit, salmon, and more beans. It was a parade of the non-perishable.

He marched, and shook each can with deliberation. Upon reaching the couch/sofa, he then placed the can in its row. (I am guessing according to sound because some of the rows made no sense.)

He was on his way with yet another can of Salmon when I finally caved.

"What are you doing?"
"It's here." Z said while pointing to the cans.
"What is it? What is there?"
"Yup." Z pick's up a can, and shakes it close to his ear.
"You listen." I shook the can, and heard a faint squishy sound.

I was hoping for some magical, fairy-like tinkle, but none of that for a grown-up like me.

"Here." Z hands me another can.
"Thank you." I shake it, and hope that he doesn't see that I am simply amusing him.

"YOU hear it? It's music."

I have no response. My child is hearing music from resources that we take for granted.

I didn't know what to say. He did get a big hug and kiss from me of course.

Sweet dreams to my little creative genius.