Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update: I still have my job. Crossing my fingers, because I am still in the fire zone. I was wondering why they haven't called me yet. I am taking a Passive stance. I will work until told otherwise. Have I mentioned that this really sucks because I love my job. I have no clue on how to repair what I thought was not broken.  

I want to give a salute to some of my fellow bloggers, and I have 2 of which have been faithfully  following me.  Karen apeekatkarensworld , and Blaez geminiwitchtwin

Karen. You make me smile, and I have not told you until now that you are just like my Sandy. Sounds wierd, but Sandy is my son "Z's" Godmother. She has a blog too.  I just have to poke her to update. She is inspirational.

Blaez. You have the best personality for someone absorbing the punches and blows that life is dealing you. I thank you for helping me with blogging 101. 

A few other shout outs that I have been following:

Someone on this short list needs to post soon.  Ahem Sandy!

Sweet dreams!


  1. Aw, that is so sweet! Thank you!

    And I am REALLY glad you still have your job. Fingers crossed that you stay safe!

  2. awe shucks!! it 'twas nothing! Thank you though!!! :)