Sunday, May 17, 2009

Zona's Secret Admirer.

Ha! Zona has an admirer. I woke up to that smell again. Cat pee. Ugh. What the crap. Mom came down and I asked her if she could smell it. Yup it's male cat. Someone has been trying to get Zona's attention. Thank's a lot Rico Suave or should I say Pepe Le Pew.

FYI...I live in the basement apartment, sort of like an in-law apartment. The windows are at ground level on the outside of the house. Public Enemy #1 has been spraying the windows, and of course I have had them open because of the nice weather.

How do I stop Don Juan from returning in the night to spray yet again?

I feel sick.


  1. i have no idea how to make him stop praying at your windows... i guess a solution would be to get your girl kitty fixed. then she wont come into heat and temp him...

  2. My friend Sandy suggested Spray and Wash. You spray it on the affected area but leave it there. I tried it last year and it totally worked. I left it there for about a week. Enough time for the Cat to forget where he sprayed.