Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's the little things in life that make me smile. OK. Sometimes it leads to a fit of giggles, or a loud unexpected snort. One of my friend's pointed out that we (mostly me), laugh at our own jokes/humor. I have to agree. I think I am hysterical in my own mind. Of course this does not translate to paper, or to blogs.

We both spent the day together, yet separate. She on a well known site (Not naming but you probably have been there.) And me?

Well. In addition to going to work today, (See my day was not totally useless.) I hopped around the web. Wait a second, I mean waddled around the web. My alias is Ducky, not Wabbit..err Rabbit. I wanted to see the results of the Webby awards. While browsing I fell upon the FAIL Blog Website Google and proceeded into the the mind numbing time wasting gem that I have bookmarked for the moments that I feel "Not myself."

Oh. And I really did have a Venus Fly trap. It didn't survive the move from point A to B. I miss my plant.

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  1. Yes I know. I will correct the link when I can see straight. Pooped. Tired. Exhausted. Love ya! Hugs from The-not-so-smart-but-extremely-silly-DuckyDez...Oh wait I mean Lyn.