Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I just spent a few hours with my oldest son Aaron aka Double "A". I was helping him research for a paper that he has due. I could sit here and go into detail about our search, or I could share the silly, yet thought provoking game we played. I am going with the later.

Those of you who have been following me for a while now know that Aaron wants his privacy. Not today. He was totally into this...Pictures and all. I think we both got brain fried from the research. This was our release.

Have you ever heard of Zobmando: The outrageous book of bizarre choices Created by Randy Horn? It actually comes with a warning...Cool.

So to entertain ourselves after the brain crunch my Son starts asking me questions from Zobmando. I must tell you that these are not your normal "do you like pink or blue?" inquires. Each one is made to force you into an uncomfortable, and sometimes disgusting choice. Aaron and I, find this to be absolutely hysterical.

Here are some of our not so gross questions we answered. I may post again on maybe a Friday night with the more repulsive ones just for fun.

Would you rather:

Have your thumb and first finger glued together for life in the "OK" sign... Or... be forced to say "thank you" before every sentence?
My answer: Thank answer would be Thank you. Thank you.

Be granted the answers to any three questions...or... be granted the ability to resurrect one person?
My answer:resurrect one person..My grandma Daniel

Always show up 20 minutes late for everything...Or...always show up 90 minutes early for everything?
My answer:show up early of course...Read a book...floss my teeth...rearrange their furniture.

Bang your funny bone five times in a row until it's not funny anymore...Or...listen to somebody scrape nails down a chalkboard for 20 minutes?
My answer: Bring it on Freddy Krueger...No way am I intentionally whacking my elbow EVER!

So...That was just a taste of what we did this evening. Don't worry. He started the assignment. He is in good shape. I think the sillyfest helped.

I am off to read more blogs!


  1. Eek! I would WAY rather whack my elbow than listen to nails on a chalkboard! I CAN'T handle that sound!

  2. Ha! I've never heard of that book! That's super fun!

    I do think I would have to whack my elbow over hearing nails on a chalkboard!! Ugh I hate that sound!!

  3. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Ha! I still say nails on a chalk board. I have smacked my elbow into enough "things" to know that I can not take the pain at all. I hit it so bad one time that I almost passed out. I swore that I broke/fractured/chipped something, but nope...Just a lot of pain, and of course a nasty bruise. :)