Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Everyone has something about themselves that they do not share with anyone. OK. Maybe a few close friends, or possibly a family member who is sworn to secrecy by means of blackmail. Whoever you are, you have something that you like to indulge in, but slam the closet door anytime company comes knocking.

No. I am not getting naughty. However, I could see how this post could turn that route if I didn't say "Halt!" What I am trying to say is that everyone has a hobby, passion, or guilty pleasure that they keep to themselves.

I used to be the biggest romance novel reader in my teens, but refused to let anyone know this, and compensated by reading anything, and everything. Newspapers, Magazines, Fiction (Avoiding the Harlequin section while blushing), Non-Fiction (My never ending collection is sitting in storage,) all of this to hide my penchant for I-wish-it-were-me novels. I actually tried to write one. Whoa! Cheese-head alert. It was the worst thing I ever tried to feed my word processor. Yes. That's how long ago it was.

I thought that this "secret" was mine. Until my mother came home with a bag full of used books all from her co-workers. They gladly coughed up their favorites upon hearing my new "interest". Yes I was grateful, but have you ever read some of these so-called books?

Airing out my closet feels good. More Spring cleaning to come. Maybe when I fall asleep tonight I will be kidnapped by Johnny Depp, and be forced to forever be his Pirate love slave only to be rescued by the handsome Jack Hughman. Back off. Wolverine needs me as the next addition to the X-men. Special Skill: Talk people to sleep.


  1. there are a few romance novels i have read. i don't read alot of them. my favorite ones are romancy without being romancy...

    my all time passion is blood guts and gore. scary novel, scary movie. suspense thriller. i crave it!!

  2. Never was one for the romance novels, but I definitely have one or two "guilty" pleasures myself.