Friday, May 22, 2009

Warning: This post will self-destruct in 5 minutes.

Kidding on the title folks. Just wanted to warn those that don't care for foul language that the Lyrics below contain a few mild expletives.

What a day. It was a get up and go day. Well, sort of. I did get up, but I laid down for a bit to enjoy the Green Day concert on GMA (Good Morning America).

I wish I could have been there. A free concert in Central Park with one of my favorite bands, and I watched from my son's bedroom. Bummer.

My new glasses have been ordered, and I must say that I loooove them. The lady who was helping me to pick them out said, "Don't you think they are too big for you?"

What is that? Code for you look like a dork? Excuse me, but you guys helped me to pick out the pair that won't stay on my face.

Oh, and after this remark she hands me a pair that were clearly meant for a child. I couldn't help it. I put them on just to show her how ridiculous her choice was. Her response, "Oh, those seem to be too small."

Too bad she didn't have blond hair, or I would have been rolling on the floor in hysterics. She was sounding more like the little girl in "Goldilocks, and the 3 bears" than a optical eye-wear-salesperson-wanna-be.

I wasn't about to wait for her to pick another pair, and then tell me "Just right." That's what happened with the other pair I mentioned above.

If I look like a dork I can say I am self made. Ha!

I have this insane schedule that I have to do tomorrow, and Sunday. It makes todays look like a stroll in the park. So if you don't see or hear from me you know why. By Sunday night I will officially be the walking dead.

I think a post dedicated to Zombies is in order. Yes. Tomorrow. While my "frain is bried" I'll post for the Zombified work force. Care to join me Blaez and Karen?


  1. i think i can do up a zombie post :) i wuuuuve writing bout zombies :)!):)!

  2. I love Green Day, too! I was at work and couldn't watch the show, but that's life.

    I'm sure your new glasses are going to look great!

    And you KNOW I'm up for a Zombie post. :-)