Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kaleidoscope or Karma crap

My week was a kaleidoscope of weird moments. Some were good, and others were bad, really bad. I am not going to run it down in a daily format. I believe that random would better serve this list,(As if I'd be able to put it all in order at this point..HA!)

Let me start by saying I think my stars were not only misaligned, but the moon, sun, and universe were all out to get me. Well, it felt like that.

Someone poked a hole in my optimistic glass of water. I got po'd, plugged the hole, and filled the glass with liquid...Back-the-frigg-off-before-I-stomp-on-your-a$$.

~~My job sucks. I Have 2 jobs. The other rocks.

~~Being threatened for a small debt from a friend $125.00..Sucks (I did say I didn't know when I could repay it BUGGER.)

~~Chocolate milk spill gone unnoticed on the sofa creating a severely wretched stench...Sucks

~~Cleaning the damn cushion that the milk was festering in Sucks big time.

~~Having to steam clean the rugs due to various unpleasant odors after work...2 thumbs up of Suckiness.

~~I am sick of the cat pee smell. Love my Cat. She is old. Sigh. Grandma loves her more.

~~Z getting his 1st computer. See last post for a picture. Smiles from me.

~~Mom for being my rock. She is the best. More smiles from me.

~~Sandy for putting up with my antics. I swear no more spiders. Hee hee. We lean together, thus neither of us fall alone.

~~My friend Ames for housewarming I did not attend, I am so proud of you. You are another pillar holding me up.

~~My son's father stating that he will pick him up tomorrow when I know full well that he won't. Major Suck.

~~Knowing that my son is sleeping soundly in the room right next to me, and will wake to say "Mommy?" Priceless.

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  1. I'm sorry you had so many sucky things happen this week. But at least there were some good ones!